Miri Regev
Miri Regev Flash 90

Culture Minister Miri Regev responded harshly Sunday after a performance "artist" placed an Israel flag in his nether parts on stage at a "culture" conference sponsored by Ha'aretz, in which she, too, had participated.

"Shoving the Israel flag into your bum is not art," she wrote, "it is a legal offense. It is a desecration of the flag, in whose name and for which soldiers and citizens in Israel are killed."

"Not only is it not funny, it makes me choke. I therefore have instructed the director of my ministry to examine the legal aspects of the shocking act and to bring its perpetrator to justice," she declared.

Recalling her hostile reception at the conference, she added: "When I said, today, that I would safeguard culture in this country, and will not allow destruction and ruin masked as freedom of expression, I was greeted with boos. So it turns out that the same people who booed the country sat and watched this disgusting performance."

She summed up: "Is this culture? Are these people of culture? Do they expect me to fund this? No way."

The performer, Ariel Bronz, inserted a flag into a part of his nether anatomy in front of the crowd at a conference on culture at the Tel Aviv Museum. 

According to some reports, the artist also threw juiced oranges at the audience after he was booed. 

In a Ha'aretz interview in October, Bronz said that he sees his art as a form of terror and that he sees Israelis as embodying "all that is ugly in the human race."