Efi Sharon
Efi Sharon Photo: Efi Sharon

On Friday, residents of the Binyamin Regional Council will participate in a communal for-Shabbat shopping in stores at Sha'ar Binyamin, in honor of Tuvia Yanai Weissman who was murdered there one week ago by a Palestinian terrorist.

The initiative comes as shopkeepers at Sha'ar Binyamin complained of their significant economic loss following the recent wave of terror, and especially after Weissman was murdered in the Rami Levy supermarket. Committee Chairman of the Binyamin Regional Council Communities, Effi Sharon, is leading the initiative to defy terror.

Sharon, a resident Ma'ale Mikhmas where Weissman lived with his family, is calling for residents to purposely complete all their Shabbat shopping in the center “in order to economically and morally support the Sha'ar Binyamin business owners."

"Many business owners have turned to me and described their how their financial situation has worsened due to the wave of terrorism," said Sharon.

"Development and prosperity of the region is critical to our continued growth as a council, and therefore it is our civic and national duty to support our local business owners and make it clear that we keep our lives as normal as possible despite the great pain we feel. We will not surrender to terrorism and we will continue our daily routine."