New security vehicles
New security vehicles Photo: Har Hevron spokesperson

The Har Hevron Regional Council has been working to strengthen the protection of the local communities, in light of the recent wave of terrorism. In recent months, extensive testing was done with the military to examine the existing elements and highlight security needs.

Eleven security vehicles were unloaded on Sunday to be used for a 24/7 patrol around the communities and provide an initial response to any call. The Defense Department explained, "There was an urgency to replace the existing vehicles in order to avoid situations where the vehicles become disabled due continuous wear."

Another project to be carried out next week is to replace part of the cement blocks positioned in front of bus stops that protect awaiting passengers from vehicular attacks. The Council asked the Home Front Command to replace them with columns as they are more aesthetic and will also provide proper lighting.

"With the understanding that these are not isolated events and we are in a period of compromised security, we examined the security elements that exist and how to improve on them," said Council Chairman Yochai Damari.

"We referred to the Defense Ministry and the Home Front Command and acted to implement and thankfully most of our requests have been approved. I thank the Deputy Minister of Defense Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan and the Home Front Command for responding to our request and expediting the implementations. We must remember that the means of protection are another side of the war on terror."