Drill (archive)
Drill (archive) Photo: IDF spokesperson

All educational institutions in Israel will partake Monday morning in a simultaneous exercise, training responses for a missile attack.

The drill will begin at 10:05 a.m. when a nationwide alarm will be activated through Israel’s nationwide siren system, local and regional radio stations, and a warning will be published in major television channels as well as selected web sites.

Additionally, Home Front Command (HFC) teams and organizations will conduct emergency search and rescue operations at locations from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. in the following regions:

  • North – the “Omarim” school in the Megiddo Regional Council
  • Haifa – the “Hannah Senesh” school in Or Akiva
  • Center – the “Ma’anit” school in Ramle
  • Gush Dan – the “Katznelson” school in Givatayim
  • Jerusalem – the “Ort Sci-Tech Astronomy and Space” school in Ma’ale Adumim
  • South – the “Givot Bar” school in the Bnei Shimon Regional Council

The HFC in cooperation with the Ministry of Education continues to participate in raising the preparedness for emergencies in education institutions by constant practice and training, as part of the overall structure of exercises throughout the year.

An IDF Spokesperson emphasized that the exercise was planned as part of the 2016 training plan.

More information can be found at the HFC information center by dialing 104, and on their website.