Sarah Netanyahu
Sarah Netanyahu Yossi Zeliger/Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's family issued yet another statement on Thursday in response to the court ruling in favor of Manny Naftali, former Superintendent of the Prime Minister's Residence who had complained of verbal abuse by Sarah Netanyahu.

"As we announced yesterday, Mrs. Netanyahu was not sued in the case, and therefore she was not allowed to provide testimony and evidence proving the truth of her comments," read the statement, a day after the ruling.

"Despite that, the labor court ruled findings that seriously harm Mrs. Netanyahu, and her blood is spilled by the media without her having done any wrong."

"After the court ruling was studied today by the lawyers of the Netanyahu family, the attorneys advised submitting a petition on the part of the Prime Minister's wife, including the submission of appropriate requests in order to allow her to bring all her testimony and evidence proving that the court decision relating to Mrs. Netanyahu is incorrect and far from the reality."

Naftali had complained of extensive verbal abuse by Sarah, alleging among other things that she had turned over a table and broken kitchenware while shouting at employees, and that she summoned workers to the Prime Minister's Residence just to wish her a good night.

On Wednesday, the court ruled that he was indeed abused and ruled that he would receive 170,000 shekels in compensation from the Prime Minister's Residence.

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