The sister of an Israeli rabbi shot dead by Palestinian terrorists in Gush Etzion has spoken of her families "hell" since the murder, and explained why they are pushing for the state to demolish the homes of the terrorists responsible.

Shlomit Fischer, whose brother Rabbi Yaakov Don was killed in the attack last November along with four others, spoke to Arutz Sheva outside the High Court following a petition by the family to force the demolition of the terrorists' homes.

Fischer emphasized that the issue was not revenge, but in order to establish a firm deterrence in the face of ongoing attacks by Muslim fanatics who in most cases are more than willing to die in the process.

"We don't want revenge," she said.

"Yaakov's heritage was peace. Yaakov was a man of peace, and he taught all his students that everyone born has the right to a quiet life, in peace."

Adding to earlier comments made at the High Court, in which she stated that the terrorists' families knew of their plans, she said Israel needed to draw the following simple equation for those who considered carrying out future attacks:

"Every man who leaves his house in order to kill Jews knows that the State of Israel destroys the houses of people who kill Jews. He is completely responsible for the state of his family, who will be homeless."

While such a move can never bring her brother back, her hope, she said, is simply "that less people will have to go through what we're going through - because we're going through hell."

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