Yoav Eliasi, aka Hatzel
Yoav Eliasi, aka HatzelFlash 90

While Israel's nominally right-wing leadership maintains a policy of largely passive containment in the face of daily murderous attacks incited by the Palestinian Authority, anger and frustration boiled over on Facebook Wednesday in posts by popular nationalists, after a young Border Policewoman was shot to death.

Ivgeni Zarubinkski, the owner of an Haifa advertising office who has become a Facebook celebrity with 167,000 followers largely due to his witticisms, wrote: "Hadar Cohen, 19, enlisted just two months ago, was murdered by human animals and left behind parents, a brother, a sister and a government of zeros. The heart breaks. May her memory be blessed."

His post was shared and seconded by Semion Grafman, another Facebook celebrity, who has 79,000 followers. Both Zarubinski and Grafman are immigrants from the former Soviet Union (FSU), who – like many Olim from the FSU – hold no-nonsense nationalist views.

While the young Border Policewoman was killed in the line of duty and managed to fire at the terrorists before collapsing, many used the term "murdered" with regard to her death, possibly because of the emotion that her youth and gender evoke. Ex-MK Michael Ben Ari wrote:

"Hadar was murdered.

The government of Israel intends to do nothing.

The next murder, the next bereaved family, the next grave, is a matter of opportunity, and the Arab murderers have many opportunities.

Expel, now. First the families of the terrorists; and then, all those who support the terrorists!

And videotape them being expelled, crying and screaming, with their babies and suitcases. And show the whole world, that we love our children, our girls, our women, more than the enemy.

And therefore, we allow the hypocritical 'world' to yell that we are occupiers, etc.… but we will not dig more graves for a 19-year-old girl, a mother of six, a father who went to bring his family sustenance.


Another popular nationalist, rap artist Yoav Eliasi, aka Hatzel ("The Shadow"), who has 201,000 followers, posted CBS News's outrageous headline, which said "3 Palestinians killed as daily violence grinds on."

"The truth is," he wrote, "I can't say anything bad about them when the media in Israel gives them the legitimacy and tools for such shameful, false and unbalanced headlines. The fault is ours and ours alone!"

Asaf Gazit, another popular commentator, albeit with a much smaller following than Hatzel, Zarubinski and Grafman – noted that Cohen is the 31st Jew murdered by terrorists since Sukkot: "Hadar, the warrior, symbolizes the suicidal process that this state is undergoing. Jews are murdered every week, but no commissions of inquiry are established, no one files motions with the High Court and even if someone did, he would be dismissed shamefully. No one in the media demands security for the citizens, no one demands an accounting from Bibi-Bogey. If 31 Arabs had been murdered a governmental committee of inquiry would have been set up, the High Court would have issued the government an order, the media would have been full of hysteria and rage."

"Let's admit the truth. In 2016 Israel, the lives of Arabs count more than the lives of Jews. We don't count. Live, die, it's your own problem."

Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben Dahan (Jewish Home) wrote that "It is time that the government of Israel understand that this situation must not continue. My clear position is that terrorist families must be evicted, as soon as possible. Deterrent action will prevent the next terror attack."

Needless to say, however, Ben-Dahan himself is a part of the same government, and is even the Deputy Defense Minister.