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The Defense Ministry and Israeli Security Agency (ISA) announced Monday that nationalist activist Evyatar Slonim's administrative detention will not be extended, and he will be released in the coming days, although administrative limitations will remain in place against him.

Slonim was the subject of a draconian administrative arrest when he was detained without trial, charges or evidence last August. He was one of three arrested on the orders at the time, along with Mordechai Mayer who was released three weeks ago, and Meir Ettinger.

On Monday Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon (Likud) extended Ettinger's administrative detention by yet another four months, without trial or evidence, in what Ettinger's wife Moriya told Arutz Sheva was a "political arrest" in the most severe prison branch in the country.

Ettinger has been hunger striking for the past 14 days against his arrest, and Slonim last Tuesday announced he was joining the hunger strike.

Slonim holds Australian citizenship, and his parents have asked the Australian embassy to get involved in protecting his rights.

They emphasized that his arrest was shown to have nothing to do with the lethal Duma arson. In response ISA claimed Slonim is a "danger" to the state.

Responding to the news of Slonim's imminent release, his lawyer Aharon Roza of the Honenu legal aid organization said, "I welcome this correct decision that will spare my client from even one more day of arrest, which in my opinion was an exaggerated act from the beginning, and which harmed the freedom of my client for no appropriate reason."