Corruption (illustration)
Corruption (illustration)Thinkstock

Transparency International (TI) has published its findings regarding which countries were the most corrupt in 2015.

In ranking 168 countries, Israel ranked 32 from the top. TI ranked their findings by ranking each country from 0 being the most corrupt to 100 being the most honest. Israel received the mark of 61 out of 100 placing it as the 32nd least corrupt and most transparent country in the world.

The rank moves Israel five places ahead of where it was ranked in 2014. However its mark of 61 is very similar to the mark it received the previous year, and the higher ranking is due to other countries falling lower on the list.

The country that was recognized as being the least corrupt and most transparent in the world was Denmark, which received a rank of 91. Following Denmark were Finland, Sweden, New Zealand, Holland, Norway, Switzerland, Singapore, Canada, and Germany. The United States ranked 16th on the list.

The most corrupt countries in the world according to the TI report were Somalia that ranked a humiliating 8 out of 100, followed by North Korea, Afghanistan, Sudan, South Sudan, Angola, Lybia, and Iraq. Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria ranked 154 out of 168 and Iran ranked 130 out of the total number, receiving a low score of 27 out of one hundred.

The Palestinian Authority was not ranked as it is not a country. However in a similar study done in 2010 the Authority received a 48% rank on their ability to control corruption, whereas Israel has ranked at a steady 72% in its ability to control corruption for the past few years.