Former President Shimon Peres has been released from Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer.

As he left, he gave a short statement to reporters. "Five exciting days have gone by for me. I am very happy to return to work, and there is much work to do. This was the goal of my recovery," he said "I want to thank the wonderful team of doctors and nurses who treated me and who reminded me of the spirit of Tel Hashomer, where everyone is equal, and which treats people as well as the diseases themselves."

92-year-old Peres suffered a minor heart attack last Thursday. He was rushed to Tel Hashomer hospital where "he underwent a cardiac catheterization during which a narrowed artery was diagnosed which was then widened during the procedure. Former President Peres is feeling well and is fully conscious, his condition is stable," according to an official statement at the time.

The surgeon has since said that his condition is "excellent."

The former president and Nobel Peace Prize winner was scheduled to participate in the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, starting tomorrow, though doctors have advised against the travel. It is not yet known whether he will take part in the forum.

Peres was Israel's Prime Minister four times, twice as Prime Minister and twice as interim Prime Minister in the 1980's and 90's. He was part of 12 cabinets and his political career has spanned more than 66 years in Israel.

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