Dafna Meir
Dafna Meir No Credit

Ran Dahan, chairman of the Otniel town council, on Monday morning eulogized Dafna Meir, who was stabbed to death by an Arab terrorist at the entrance to her home in the town the night before.

"A lowly son of satan yesterday murdered Dafna Meir, a resident of the town and a member of the council, at the entrance to her home before the eyes of her children," said Dahan. "Dafna was a woman of endless smiles and giving."

Meir worked as a nurse at Soroka Hospital in Be'er Sheva, and was a mother to six including two adopted children. She fought with the terrorist at the entrance of her home, and prevented him from murdering three of her children who were inside at the time.

In his eulogy, Dahan said, "we call on the Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu, to stop hiding behind the illusion of a Palestinian state and start implementing sovereignty on the territory in Judea and Samaria."

"We have had enough of the talk, the time has come to act. It is unthinkable that we're in a situation in which 400,000 Israelis live under military rule for 48 years already."

The council head said that residents of Otniel demand that the government take action against Palestinian Authority (PA) incitement, and show a firmer hand against terror.

"We demand that the wild incitement on the television channels, radios and mosques be eradicated, and that the movement of (Arab) cars on the roads be limited. Stop the method of the revolving door," he said, in a call to stop the release of Arab terrorists. "Order an approval of land plans in all of Judea and Samaria and in particular within the town (of Otniel)."

Meir's funeral is to be held on Monday morning, with the procession leaving from Otniel to Jerusalem at 9 a.m., and arriving at Har Hamenuchot Cemetery in the northwestern Givat Shaul neighborhood of the capital at 11 a.m.