Security forces destroyed the homes of three terrorists who committed two deadly attacks on the same day in Jerusalem in October.

IDF forces and Border Police entered the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabal Mukaber Monday morning, and demolished the homes of Baha Alian and Bilal Abu Ganam, who carried out a shooting and stabbing attack on a bus in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood which killed three people.

Forces also demolished the home of terrorist Alaa Abu Jamal. Jamal, an employee of Bezeq, ran over civilians standing at a bus stop in the capital city's Malchei Yisrael Street just minutes after the Armon Hanatziv attack. He then got out of the car and proceeded to stab others nearby.

Rabbi Yeshiyahu Krishevsky was killed, and a total of eight people were wounded in the attack.

Israeli police reported that the demolition process took place without any incident or interruption from neighboring residents.

After the operation was concluded, Jerusalem District Police Commander Major General Moshe Edri said, "The Jerusalem District Police, Border Guard officers and reinforcements, carried out today’s mission in a responsible and professional manner and allowed the IDF to complete the demolition process without any interruption. We will continue to work towards the safety and security of the citizens. "

The green light to demolish the terrorist’s house was approved by the High Court two weeks ago. The judges rejected a petition against the movie, which had been filed by the Jamal and Alian families. Alian,

Justices Yitzhak Amit and Tzvi Zilbertal ruled that the demolition of the houses must be carried out according to the demolition orders issued by the IDF’s Central Command and Home Front Command.

The judges noted that in this context one must follow earlier court rulings which permitted demolitions of terrorists’ homes and which, according to the judges, is still valid even today.

(Photo: Police Spokesman)
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