Hamas uploaded a video to YouTube on Sunday, depicting Gilad Shalit during the time he was held captive by the terror organization in Gaza.

The footage of Shalit roasting a chicken comes four days after Hamas posted a photograph of Shalit smiling behind one of his captors, Hamas terrorist Abed a-Rahman al-Mubasar.

The shirt Shalit is wearing in both the video and the photograph is the same as the one he wore when he returned to Israel, leading to assessments that all the events may have in fact occurred on the day of his release, or at the least on the same day.

Moreover, at the end of the video where footage shows Shalit eating, he is wearing completely different attire, adding to speculation that these new images are merely a publicity stunt to show how great his "stay" was.

Shalit was set free after over five years of captivity as part of a controversial prisoner exchange deal between Israel and Hamas in October 2011, which saw 1,027 terrorists go free.