Tarkumiya Crossing
Tarkumiya CrossingOfer Ohana

Despite Security Cabinet decisions to the contrary, the security establishment decided to hand over the bodies of Arab terrorists responsible for recent attacks - and decided to do so on Friday, mere hours before Shabbat began.

The transfer took place at the Tarkumiya Crossing on Highway 35, and  hundreds of Arabs came to receive the bodies and give them an 'honor parade' to Hevron in Judea. Hundreds of vehicles took part in the parade while waving Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) flags.

יהודים נתקעו בהלווית המחבלים

Many Jews who were driving on the roads, in hurry to reach their destination before the day of rest began, ended up helplessly stuck in traffic caused by the masses of Arab cars celebrating the murderous terrorists and their nefarious deeds.

Due to the incident, Har Hevron Regional Council head Yochai Damari contacted regional regimental commander Yariv Ben-Ezra, who was at the scene.

Ben-Ezra promised he would allow the Jewish cars to pass on alternate routes, allowing many Jewish motorists make it to their destinations just minutes before Shabbat started.

Damari later spoke with the IDF commander assigned to the region, showing him videos from the incident in which the Palestinian Arabs can be seen commandeering the roads and doing as they please. The commander promised to investigate the incident.

The return of terrorists' bodies has long been a controversial issue, with the Security Cabinet recently deciding that such moves are contrary to deterrent means as they allow massive funerals, in which the terrorists are idolized and new terrorists are indoctrinated. Nevertheless, the transfer of bodies has continued even as the wave of terror grows.