Protest in Modi'in
Protest in Modi'in Jews don't torture Jews

Hundreds of Jews protested around the country on Thursday night, in the latest of a mounting wave of nightly demonstrations against the alleged torture the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) is accused of committing against Jewish suspects in the lethal Duma arson case.

The largest protest took place at the iconic Chords Bridge at the entrance to Jerusalem, where some 400 people protested. While the ISA issued a statement on Thursday claiming it has not abused the suspects, the suspects have described brutal abuse, including sleep deprivation, sexual harassment, and extreme physical abuse.

Video from the protest in Jerusalem can be seen below.

During the demonstration, protesters young and old from around the country chanted "Jews don't torture Jews," and "the ISA is the KGB." Several groups of youths tried to block the road leading into Jerusalem at several points, but large police forces pushed them away.

Police had set up barriers on the sidewalks hours before the protest began in anticipation.

In Modi'in, located roughly halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, dozens of people held a parallel demonstration against the alleged torture.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked's (Jewish Home) home in Tel Aviv was the site of a third protest, over the total backing she gave the ISA without investigating the claims - an investigation defense attorneys say must be conducted.

Protesters tried to reach Shaked's door, but were blocked by police who arrived on the scene.

A fourth protest took place at Elkana in Samaria, outside the home of MK Nissan Slomiansky (Jewish Home), chair of the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee. Slomiansky last week promised to take action if he heard "any more" accusations of torture, but despite more testimony coming forward he has yet to get involved.

Outside Slomiansky's house, a resident of the Binyamin region of Samaria was detained by the police over the protest.

The protests also targeted Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett on Wednesday night, with demonstrators outside his Ra'anana home calling him a "traitor" for his public condemnation of "Jewish terrorists" even though the case of the suspects is still under investigation.