Veteran educator Sarah Eliash minced no words in an interview with Arutz Sheva, regarding the video of extremists waving guns and knives at a wedding, and holding up what is said to be a photo of a murdered Arab infant.

"There is a certain populace here that has completely gone crazy, their path is not our path, it is not that of the majority of settlers and it is certainly possible that it is even more dangerous than what the video shows," she stated. "Are we ISIS? Can one jump for joy around a photo of a dead baby?"

Even if these people can be seen as having strayed or gotten confused, she opined, that does not make their deeds any less severe. Eliash also mentioned a document that was allegedly signed by some extremists, and which the Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shabak) allegedly has in its possession.

"If the document that was published is authentic and it was signed by people who belong to a group that believes it has a mission to destroy the state, to harm it and topple it in order to bring the Kingdom of Heaven, it's dangerous," she stated. "Anarchism is dangerous."

"Even if these are people who were frustrated by the Disengagement, by the injustice, it is still a dangerous ideology," Eliash said. "In the 'Price Tag' actions, too, if frustrated people decide to take revenge on their own, it is a very serious matter."

The so-called "Hilltop Youth" are not linked to religious Zionism, she claimed, citing former MK Rabbi Meir Kahane who called to transfer the Arab population out of Israel, before being assassinated by Arab terrorists in 1990.

"Kahanist directions and perceptions are not something that is connected to religious Zionism," she claimed. She said that the extremists are often dropouts who – if they had not lived in Judea and Samaria – might have adopted other harmful forms of behavior, but in the case of the "Hilltop Youths", they pose a "national danger."