Incitement doll
Incitement doll Haifa Customs Authority

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) arrived in France on Thursday as part of a visit to Europe meant to counter various anti-Israeli steps being taken there, and to illustrate her points - she brought along a doll.

During a discussion with members of the French parliament in Paris, Hotovely presented one of the 4,000 dolls seized in Haifa earlier this month, which were en route from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the Palestinian Authority (PA) in a smuggling attempt.

Each doll bears the words "Jerusalem is ours" and "Jerusalem, we are coming!," the colors of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) flag, a keffiyeh - and most significantly, a rock in its upraised head ready to be thrown at Jewish victims.

Hotovely explained how the doll gives a clear indication of the level of incitement being indoctrinated in children from a young age under the PA, and noted that this PA education is funded by Europe, and France in particular.

"You have to oversee the hundreds of millions of euros that are flowing from Europe to the Palestinian Authority, so that they not be used for incitement or supporting the families of the shahids ('martyr' terrorists - ed.)," said Hotovely. "That's not what you're transferring the money for."

The deputy minister also met with Jacques Audibert, senior diplomatic adviser to President Francois Hollande, and condemned the recent EU decision to label Jewish goods from Judea, Samaria, eastern Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

"The repeated attempts to force a solution on us will not achieve the desired results," Hotovely warned Audibert. "The decision to label products precisely at this time is a tailwind to terror."

"The demands on Israel for steps on the ground are gaining speed, while on the Palestinians there isn't (even) a single basic demand - stop the incitement."