IDF soldier on the border with Gaza (file)
IDF soldier on the border with Gaza (file) Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

An IDF reservist who fought on the home front during Operation Protective Edge was briefly detained in the United Kingdom for "war crimes" during a business trip several weeks ago, Yediot Aharonot reports Sunday night. 

The Foreign Ministry, the IDF's international law division, and the IDF's Operations Directorate secured the soldier's release after a few hours, a source told the daily, and British authorities apologized to Israel. 

The phenomenon may not be a one-time event, however, and defense officials believe that pro-Palestinian groups may be to blame. Leftist and pro-Palestinian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) sent out unofficial lists of IDF soldiers who served in active combat in Gaza to European countries and worldwide during the war - and their names and photos have appeared on social media.

Among them: the 60 soldiers the IDF commended for their role during the summer conflict. 

The goal, the source said, is to secure "the persecution of every last soldier who served in the operation and whose identity was released."