Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom
Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom Reuters

Sweden treats Israel differently than all other nations, a Jewish Swedish MP asserted Wednesday, amid rapidly-deteriorating relations between the two countries.

Days after Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom charged Israel with "executing" Palestinians, MP Kent Ekeroth accused Wallstrom's leftist views of bordering on extremist. 

"Sweden has always had misconceptions about Israel, but it has become more extreme," he told Channel 2. "Our government, and especially Minister [Wallstrom] have different standards when it comes to anything related to Israel."

"If we weren't talking about Israel, but another country, Sweden would defend it - but because we're talking about Israel, [Sweden] attacks," he added. 

Wallstrom, in particular, Ekeroth argued, holds Israel to "bizarre" double standards and has a history of tanking diplomatic relations. 

"Either she doesn't know that they [the Palestinians] support terrorist or she's just lying," Ekeroth charged. "The foreign minister is carrying out false propaganda and accuses Israel of everything. It's amazing she doesn't understand the logic that Israel is defending itself from terrorists. She's anti-Israel and tries to defend terrorists."

A member of the right-wing Sweden Democrats, Ekeroth said he is one of the only voices in Swedish parliament open in his support of the Jewish state.

"Many are angry by my support [for Israel]; the Left is really upset by it. People on the Right less, but they are not pro-Israel."

Last Friday, Ekeroth personally attacked Wallstrom during a Swedish parliament session - a clip of which can be viewed here: 

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