International Criminal Court, Hague
International Criminal Court, Hague CC/Vincent van Zeijst

A recent report published by a left-wing Israeli human rights organization is, according to two Palestinian lawyers, the smoking gun to prosecuting Israel at the International Criminal Court.

The Yesh Din report charges the Israeli judiciary and IDF with failure in prosecuting soldiers accused of crimes against Palestinian civilians. 

Hanna Issa, an attorney specializing in international and humanitarian law, argued the report proves "the occupation regularly performs crimes against our people."

"The admission by an Israeli human rights organization that the occupation has committed crimes and attacks against the Palestinians and their property in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip proves the Israeli judiciary is biased and racist," he charged. 

According to Issa, "the Israeli legal system is based on racism and discrimination and should not be relied upon or viewed as compliant with international law."

Meanwhile, lawyer Salah Abed al-Atti claimed the Yesh Din report "is one of the proofs that can be brought before the International Criminal Court as a document proving the dishonesty of the Israeli justice system."

The Palestinian committee for International Criminal Court matters, led by veteran PLO official Saeb Erekat, reportedly met last Thursday to discuss the developments.