Nur al-Din Abu Hashiya
Nur al-Din Abu Hashiya Flash90

Friends of First Sergeant Almog Shiloni are livid Tuesday, after the High Court for Justice ruled that the demolition of his murderer's home would be cancelled because "too much time has passed." 

Nur al-Din Abu Hashiya stabbed Shiloni, then 20, outside of Tel Aviv's Hahagana Train Station in November 2014. 

"It doesn't surprise me, this is the country we live in," Noy Hilo, Shiloni's girlfriend, stated in a special Arutz Sheva interview. "It's sad that the state would ban demolishing the home." 

"It hurts that a terrorist who destroys a life gets this decision from the High Court," she added. "I am disappointed and angry." 

Hilo was speaking on the phone to Shiloni as he was murdered. She described her tough recovery over the past 13 months from that experience. 

"It was very difficult to move on from an experience like this," she said. "I still haven't successfully recovered." 

"Almog was the closest person to me in my life, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him." 

"I am, obviously, still in touch with his family," she added. "The army sometimes, too, calls me and asks me, 'how are you?' It is strange that they relate to us as if we were married, although we did feel like we were married." 

Earlier Tuesday, a panel of three justices vetoed the home demolition, claiming the 11-month interval between the decision and the slated demolition date would negate the deterrent effect of such a move. 

During the recent escalation in Arab terrorist attacks since October, the government has explicitly ordered the army to demolish terrorists' homes as soon as possible, sometimes doing so less than 48 hours after the attack.