North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un's new hairdo
North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un's new hairdoReuters

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un ordered all of his citizens to have his "Dear Leader" haircut as early as March 2014, but now, as his strange coiffure undergoes bizarre new evolutions, he is redoubling his efforts to make those under his power look like him.

Photographs show that Kim has recently gotten even heavier in the jowls, has had his eyebrows plucked down to fine little lines, and has grown out his hair that sits on a shaved sides and back to all new levels.

On Friday, the South Korean paper Chosun Ilbo reported that a source in Pyongyang divulged a week ago that authorities have issued new grooming orders to all citizens, mandating that men keep their hair under two centimeters (0.78 inches), and that women keep their hair dutifully bobbed.

But it isn't just short that the authorities are going for - it's a short echo of Kim's hallmark hairdo.

Kim's newly evolved haircut is being called the "ambitious" style in North Korea according to the paper, and now all North Korean men must copy his style.

However, while the "ambitious" style used to be allowed with longer lengths on top, as Kim himself appears to be working on, the source said now the mat of hair up top has to be under two centimeters as well.

And for those who resist?

"University student monitors are walking around with scissors and cutting off the hair of offenders," revealed the source.

Kim showed a level of equality in mandating haircuts, dictating that young women have to wear their hair in a bobbed cut like his wife Ri Sol-Ju. The report indicated that only performers can grow their hair.

Another source living under the repressive regime revealed that barber shops in Pyongyang are being stampeded by crowds of people rushing to get their dictator's haircut, and many are now becoming barbers because the profession is viewed as "lucrative."

"Since last year, North Koreans have been ordered to crack down on capitalist ideology and culture," said a South Korean think-tank researcher quoted by the paper. "The crackdown on long hair seems aimed at getting young people in shape for the seventh general assembly of the Workers Party."

Kim isn't just trying to control hair follicles - this August he tried to control time as well, arbitrarily issuing North Korea's very own time zone.

He also has been stepping up new nuclear tests, and China recently warned the US in April that American estimates are wrong and North Korea actually has 20 nuclear weapons, with that arsenal to double next year.

Regarding Kim's cruel treatment of his citizens, a UN report in February 2014 revealed "Nazi-like" abuses of human rights in North Korea, and in 2013 Kim reportedly gave his top officials copies of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf.