Scene of Yafo Gate attack
Scene of Yafo Gate attack Moshe Levy/Midrabrim Communications

An indicted was submitted on Monday morning against the Arab terrorist who last Monday assaulted a female tour guide as she led a group in front of the Yafo Gate of Jerusalem's Old City, hitting her over the head repeatedly with a glass bottle and lightly wounding her.

The terrorist, 22-year-old Omar Alfrouk Abidaya of the southeastern Jabel Mukaber neighborhood, was charged with aggravated assault and an attempt to seriously wound his victim in a racially motivated attack.

Last Monday at 10 a.m., the tour guide, aged 45, met with a tourist couple from the US at Yafo Gate to give them a guided tour. The guide, wearing a long jeans skirt and a head covering, stood with the two and began explaining to them about the location and the contents of the tour.

Just a few minutes later, the terrorist approached the three from the direction of IDF Square, near the municipality building. He identified the guide as a Jew from her attire and decided to assault her with the glass bottle he was carrying, according to the indictment.

He then walked up to the guide, saying "excuse me" to get her to turn towards him, and then immediately struck her on the head repeatedly with the glass bottle. The indictment emphasizes the attack was racially motivated.

The bottle broke due to the ferocity of the blows to the victim's head, and she fell to the floor as the terrorist fled the scene. She was later evacuated to the hospital for treatment.

The attorney's office has requested to extend the arrest of the terrorist until the end of legal proceedings against him.

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