Injured terror victim Malka Wasserman recounted Sunday the car-ramming attack at Tapuach Junction in Samaria, in which three others were wounded. 

The six-month pregnant Wasserman is a resident of Elon Moreh; she suffered light wounds to her stomach in the attack. 

"We were standing at Tapuach Junction. I wanted to get to Elon Moreh, when suddenly a car came, cut toward the intersection and rammed into us directly," Wasserman told Arutz Sheva from Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva. 

"He struck three of us all at once, I and two others," she added. "They were injured and I only fell after them."

"After that the shooting started; we tried to get up," Wasserman continued. "We felt that we are not safe in our own country."

Wasserman said within seconds she realized it was a terrorist attack and not a simple accident. 

"When a vehicle is stuck in the concrete blocks...and the terrorist still tries to get out of there, we understood what was happening."

"There's this awareness that it could happen, but when it does, it's still a surprise," Wasserman said. "I get up in the morning calm and confident in the feeling that I am in my country and in one second that's destroyed."

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