Arab rioter throws bottle (illustration)
Arab rioter throws bottle (illustration) Ahmad Gharabli/Flash 90

The current wave of Arab terror attacks sweeping Israel has included numerous lethal methods, from stabbing to shooting, rock throwing to car attacks - but a chilling incident on Friday indicates a potential escalation in the terror towards the direction of chemical warfare.

The attack took place late Friday morning near the Hizme Checkpoint, located not far from the Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgat Ze'ev to the northeast of the capital.

In the incident, Arab rioters hurled rocks and a bottle with an unidentified substance inside it at an Israeli car, not far from the checkpoint.

The Israeli motorist drove to the checkpoint where he complained of suffering from a burning feeling in his eyes, indicating the contents of the bottle were some chemical substance, possibly a type of acid.

He was classified as lightly wounded and received medical treatment at the site.

The attack would seem to indicate a potential increase in the severity of means used by Arab rioters who hurl rocks at Israeli cars on a daily basis.

It follows calls by a veteran terrorist who last month urged the younger generation of terrorists to poison their knives before stabbing Jews, in a call for chemical warfare.

Such weapons have been a chilling, if infrequent element in the arsenal of Palestinian Arab terrorists. Back in 2001 Hamas claimed detonating poisoned bombs in attacks against Israeli civilians. 

At the time the Israeli Health Ministry revealed that a bomb detonated in an attack in Jerusalem on December 1, 2001 was filled with nails dipped in rat poison. A police spokesperson was quoted by Associated Press at the time saying that since 1995, traces of chemicals had been found at the site of at least five bombing attacks.