Facebook "like" (illustration)
Facebook "like" (illustration) Flash 90

The young age of many of the terrorists who have been carrying out the recent attacks against Jews is directly connected to the influence of social media, according to Dr. Amira Halperin of Hebrew University, who carries out research on the subject.

"The dramatic change that has taken place in the average age of the terrorists, who include young youths and even boys, is the result – among other things – of the fact that they are much more exposed to the internet than the older generation of their parents," she told Arutz Sheva.

The internet serves the terror machine for incitement, disinformation, organization and money transfers, she said.

"The Israel government can do relatively little against this," Halperin explained. "Can you shut down all the blogs and chat rooms? That is very difficult," she stated.

Israel's attempts to explain its side face a basic difficulty in any case, she opined, because the Arab side can always bring shocking stories of home demolitions and the evils of "the occupation" that Israel has difficulty countering, even with photos from bus terror attacks.