Teen terrorist Ahmed Mansara
Teen terrorist Ahmed Mansara Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

An indictment was served on Friday morning against Ahmed Mansara, the 13-year-old Arab terrorist who along with his 15-year-old cousin stabbed a 13-year-old and 21-year-old earlier this month in Jerusalem.

The indictment charges the terrorist teen with attempted murder in the attack, which took place in the northern neighborhood of Pisgat Ze'ev

The two terrorists "wanted to aid Hamas and to be martyrs," reads the indictment, citing written statements the two had previously made.

Israeli law does not allow sending a minor under the age of 14 to jail; prosecutors will ask to end the trial by January 2016, when the terrorist will have his birthday.

The brutal attack took place two weeks ago, when the young terrorists launched a stabbing spree, first surprising a 21-year-old and repeatedly stabbing him, leaving him seriously woundied. He managed to flee on a bus that stopped to aid him.

The would-be murderers then came upon a 13-year-old Jewish boy who was riding a bicycle after having bought candies at a local market. They stabbed him and critically wounded him, leaving him fighting for his life. The young victim was released from hospital on Tuesday after making a miraculous recovery.

A citizen chased the terrorists, and during the pursuit Mansara was hit by a car and wounded while his cousin continued to run, before charging police officers with his knife, who responded by shooting him dead.