Female rock terrorist
Female rock terrorist Palestinian Media Watch

The incessant terror incitement of the Palestinian Authority (PA) has shown a new twist, as Mahmoud Abbas's organization is giving signs that it's all for gender equality - when it comes to using rocks to murder Jews, that is.

Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, the official daily of the PA - which ironically has stood back amid ever rising "honor killings" against women - appears to have launched a new campaign urging Palestinian Arab women to join in the rock terror attacks, as revealed by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

In one cartoon published in the paper on Tuesday, the PA presented a masked woman swinging a rock in a slingshot. PMW notes that the rock and slingshot create the Arab letter Nun, which indicates the female form in Arabic verbs.

Female rock terror
Female rock terror Palestinian Media Watch

The PA daily did not limit itself to cartoons in calling for female rock terrorists however.

A picture published in the paper on Tuesday shows a woman masked in a keffiyeh swinging a slingshot, accompanied by the text: "El-Bireh: A young woman throws (rocks) at them with a slingshot."

Rock terror model
Rock terror model Palestinian Media Watch

Female Arab terrorists have in fact played a leading role in the current terror wave, with a large number of the ongoing stabbing attacks perpetrated by women.

Al-Hayat Al-Jadida wasn't the only paper getting in on the propaganda.

Palestinian daily Al-Ayyam earlier this month published a photo on its front page showing a masked Arab woman using a sling shot to attack Israelis. The text below the image read: "a photo from the confrontations in Bethlehem." 

Slingshot Palestinian Media Watch

Al-Ayyam also published another photo on its front page just days earlier showing a group of rock throwers, and visible in the back-right of the group is a young woman, easily spotted by her shoes. The text detailed that the picture showed "young people throwing stones at the occupation forces near the settlement of Beit-El, north of El-Bireh."

Female rock thrower joins the 'boys'
Female rock thrower joins the 'boys' Palestinian Media Watch

Abbas's Fatah faction has also been keenly calling for rock terrorism, although it has seemed a little less eager regarding the new "gender equality" twist.

Fatah posted a photo to Facebook on Tuesday showing a man masked in a keffiyeh with a rock on his hand, accompanied by the text: "for the blood of our martyrs that has watered the precious soil of the homeland from north to south. For Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. For our courageous prisoners. For our precious homeland Palestine, Fatah's Ramallah and El-Bireh branch and the Islamic and national forces call on you to attend the march that will start today,Tuesday at midday."

The image contained the text: "#The_rage_of_Jerusalem, the rage will continue."

"The rage of Jerusalem"
"The rage of Jerusalem" Palestinian Media Watch