Arutz Sheva spoke to eyewitnesses in Beit Shemesh on Thursday in the wake of a stabbing attack outside of a synagogue in the city, about 30 km (20 miles) west of Jerusalem. 

One young haredi man was lightly-to-moderately wounded in the attack; both terrorists were neutralized. 

Beit Shemesh resident Ariel Bar'or recounted hearing from a neighbor about two suspicious-looking Arabs standing near a bus station as he made his way outside to bring his daughters their lunches. 

The Arabs stood at the station as two different buses passed, but didn't enter, Bar'or noted. At one point, most of the bystanders entered the #19 bus leaving the station empty except for the two terrorists. 

According to Bar'or, many residents had called police about the two suspicious Arabs and were concerned they had not yet arrived. 

After awhile, the Arabs started walking toward a packed synagogue; Bar'or followed behind them. They slowed down near the synagogue and approached another bus station. 

Bar'or saw cops coming from afar, and as he began to alert them, the terrorists started to stab the person nearest to them. The police exited the car as the terrorists started to flee. One terrorist was hit; the other turned around with his knife in the air and was also shot. 

"It's a big miracle, thank God they didn't do anything and only started [the attack] when the police came. I don't want to think what could have happened if they'd gone onto a bus," Bar'or said, tearing up.