Border Police in Jerusalem (file)
Border Police in Jerusalem (file) Flash 90

A day after two lethal attacks rocked Jerusalem and left three Jews murdered, the IDF is preparing to implement the decisions of the Security Cabinet and reinforce the police presence in the capital.

Throughout the day on Wednesday, six entire military companies consisting of over 1,000 IDF combat soldiers are due to arrive in Jerusalem to aid the police in maintaining public order and preventing Arab terrorist attacks.

The soldiers are to coordinate with the police, and conduct joint operations with police officers. The IDF and the police have yet to officially decide where exactly the companies are to be deployed in the restive city.

The Security Cabinet on Tuesday night approved a series of additional security measures to deal with the recent wave of terror.

Among the measures upon which it was decided:

  • The Cabinet authorized the Israeli police to impose a closure or seal points of friction in Jerusalem according to security considerations.
  • In addition to the demolition of homes of terrorists, rebuilding a home in the place where the home of a terrorist was demolished will be prohibited.
  • The assets of terrorists who carried out attacks will be confiscated.
  • Permanent residency of terrorists will be revoked.
  • An enlargement and expansion of the operational forces of the Israel Police.
  • The recruitment of 300 additional security guards for public transportation in Jerusalem at a cost of 80 million shekels.
  • The Cabinet authorized the police to reinforce using IDF troops in cities and on the roads.
  • The Cabinet instructed the IDF to immediately deploy forces along the sensitive parts of the border fence. The Prime Minister also instructed for work to begin on the completion of the security fence.

The Cabinet will reconvene on Wednesday afternoon to discuss additional security related issues, including Palestinian Arab incitement.