Arab store owner (illustration)
Arab store owner (illustration) Nicky Kelvin/Flash 90

A general strike was declared by Arab citizens of Israel for this Tuesday, as they decided to go out and demonstrate in support of the recent wave of Arab terrorism sweeping the state.

In response, a campaign has arisen calling on Jews to send pictures of the Arab stores that are closed as part of the pro-terror protest, in an effort to compile a list of which Arab businesses support terror.

The Samaria Residents' Council together with the Headquarters of Mixed Cities, an activist group for cities with Jewish and Arab populations mixed together, decided to launch the campaign so as to spread the names of the Arab stores that close in a sign of support for the terror attacks.

The goal is to spread the list of names, so that even after the strike ends Jews will know which stores closed, and will not shop there anymore.

Those interested in taking part in the campaign are asked to send the name of Arab Israeli stores they see closed as part of the strike on Tuesday, together with a picture of the closed store, to the phone number 052-607-0521 via the cell phone application Whatsapp.

Aside from concerned citizens taking part in the project, teams of the initiators of the campaign on Tuesday morning went out around the country to document the closed stores.

"We hope that this action will cause some of the Arab Israelis to realize their income will be harmed even after the strike that they announced," wrote the organizers in a poster announcing the campaign.

"Those going out against the state of Israel need to understand the ramifications, and we will expose for everybody those who support terror and those who don't," stated the Samaria Residents' Council. "Every Arab Israeli who doesn't support terror won't be harmed by the process."