One of the homes slated for demolition
One of the homes slated for demolition Adei Ad Spokesperson

The state attorney's office has issued a response to the Supreme Court petition of extreme leftists who called to immediately evacuate the Jewish village of Adei Ad in the Binyamin region of Samaria, to the north of Jerusalem.

In the response to the leftist group Yesh Din, the state attorney clarified that the majority of the land which the group petitioned against is located on state land, not private Arab-owned property as claimed.

Given the location, "professional experts have been instructed to work to set in order the planning status of the structures located on state land," according to the document, indicating the legal status will soon be clarified by the state.

This work is to be "in conjunction with an examination of the purchasing, municipal and planning aspects."

Therefore, the state attorney argued that the petition must be postponed so as to allow time for the ongoing examinations meant to prepare the state lands to be conducted. Likewise it appears additional state lands in the region will be prepared for construction as well.

The response also addressed the demands of radical leftist organizations calling for the immediate execution of past demolition orders against Jewish homes in  Adei Ad, located near Shiloh, which were granted in response to the groups that alleged to represent Arab residents claiming ownership to the land.

The state "has worked to monitor all legal construction in Adei Ad...we saw that throughout the years several enforcement actions were conducted to evacuate and demolish illegal construction on the site."

"Considering the enforcement activities taken and being taken by security forces, the police and the Civil Administration, it is argued in response that the petition be postponed," wrote the state attorney.

In the response, the attorney's office indicated that the demand to conduct all demolition orders, many of which are being petitioned, is not realistic.