President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama Reuters

US President Barack Obama has long been accused of being a secret Muslim, but a recent CNN poll found that a handful of Americans believe Obama is actually a Jew.

According to the poll, Mashable reported on Saturday, close to one in three Americans think Obama is Muslim, while one in a hundred believe he's Jewish.

When asked "Do you happen to know what religion Barack Obama is" by the poll, only 39 percent accurately guessed that Obama is a Christian or Protestant.

Meanwhile, 29% responded Muslim to the query, 4% responded Catholic, 2% Mormon and 1% Jewish.

The CNN poll is not the first time Obama has been pegged as a Jew.

In May, the President spoke before the Adas Israel congregation in Washington D.C., noting that The Atlantic columnist and synagogue member Jeffrey Goldberg had once called him the "first Jewish president."

Reacting on Twitter Friday to the news that 1% of Americans believe Obama is Jewish, Goldberg joked, "And I wasn't even polled."

Another Twitter user, Jesse Lansner cracked, "That's just my grandmother; she thinks everyone famous is secretly Jewish."