More evidence is emerging of the shocking levels of anti-Semitism exhibited by pro-Palestinian demonstrators at yesterday's protest against Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's visit to London.

Hundreds of anti-Israel protesters were calling for Netanyahu's arrest, and were met by a smaller pro-Israel counter demonstration, which also consisted of several hundred.

In one incident, a man is seen proudly responding to accusations by Israel supporters that he "hates Jews" by openly evoking anti-Semitic stereotypes, taunting Jewish activists by waving coins, jeering and shouting "you only understand money!"

The man was arrested by police soon after for suspected hate crime offenses.

Anti-Semite arrested at pro-Palestinian rally
Anti-Semite arrested at pro-Palestinian rally Ben Dov Salasnik

Footage from a different angle shows the same man flipping the coin at pro-Israel demonstrators:

The video was filmed at the same rally as another shocking clip, in which a woman openly calls for the genocide of "six million Jews" in Israel.

The woman in that video - who has since been identified as BDS activist Pamela Hardyment - can be heard making a series of virulently anti-Semitic comments to pro-Israel counter-protesters.

Watch: Calling for genocide and denying the Holocaust

At one point, she says that she hopes Israel will be destroyed and the Jews living there should "go into the sea," adding that that her and her fellow activists would actively march against an influx of Jewish refugees to the UK. "They’re not coming here," she sneers.

Hardymen went on to deny the Holocaust, and say she wanted all Jews "out of Israel." When a pro-Israel activists responds "you’ll have to kill them all" she scoffs "well, so be it."