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A Palestinian Arab YouTube channel registered in the "West Bank," and entitled "hareka Tube," posted an animated propaganda clip on Tuesday dehumanizing IDF soldiers as ducks and claiming five of them were captured in Gaza during Hamas's terror war last summer.

The wild claim is an exaggeration of the actual captives: the bodies of two fallen IDF soldiers are being held by Hamas and two Israeli civilians who entered Gaza fell captive; one of them, Avraham Mengistu, entered last September due to mental illness.

The animated clip presents the soldiers as ducks frolicking around before being easily captured by Hamas, and presents the Israeli government as having abandoned them.

The video, featuring a song in Hebrew with Hebrew and Arabic subtitles, can be seen below in its English subtitled version that was released by the channel the same day.

In the description of the Hebrew version of the clip is written: "five ducks, an animated clip presenting how the state of Israel abandons its soldiers after they fall prisoners of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, and how 'the state' continues to mislead the Israeli public about the number of its missing soldiers and what their fate truly is."

An exact translation of the awkward Hebrew of the song renders: "five Israeli soldiers sent on an adventure on the coals, it appears the dorm of one Gazan named Qassam (the name of a Hamas rocket - ed.) hosts them. Ministers of the state announced and said that two ducks went missing, quickly it became clear they lied, because the rest of the five didn't return."

"Three soldiers went out on a mission, on the way they received a calamity, no one pondered who or what, and everything about them is propaganda. Two soldiers and another three, all in all they are five, they were listed as missing but not all of them, and certainly their fate is abandonment."

At the end a banner is seen reading: "at sea, on land, or in the air? What's their fate?"

The clip is of a similar vein to Hamas's propaganda videos, seeking to direct public opinion in Israel into pressuring the government into giving in to the terror group's demands in order to free the captive citizens and fallen soldiers.