Protest against infiltrators
Protest against infiltrators Eliran Aharon

Sharp verbal clashes broke out on Wednesday evening at a protest held by residents of southern Tel Aviv, who were demonstrating against the massive presence of illegal immigrants that has led to a shocking rise in brutal crime including the recent shocking gang rape of a Jewish woman by infiltrators.

Among the protesters was former MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari, Baruch Marzel and attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir of the Otzma Yehudit party, and south Tel Aviv activist May Golan.

Ben-Ari told Arutz Sheva "we came to say that the victims of the infiltrators are residents of the state of Israel - south Tel Aviv, Rishon Letzion, Ashdod and everywhere. This is an occupation of the state of Israel here."

"Who came to protest for them (the infiltrators)? Anarchists who write on their signs that Tel Aviv sits on occupied Palestinian land. They want to destroy the state, and their headquarters are in the Supreme Court. ...It's a supreme dictatorship," he said, referencing the repeated rulings of the unelected court striking down laws to detain the illegal immigrants.

Golan said, "we can no longer be prisoners in our own homes. Supreme Court judges...imprisoned us in our houses."

"For seven long years of rape, of mugging, of serious violence, we have been jailed in our homes. We want to ask Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu: what's our crime? What's our sin? Why do we have to continue being prisoners in our homes?"

Noting protesters arrived dressed as prisoners to illustrate how they have been trapped and are unable to move freely on the streets, she stated that there are 100,000 infiltrators who - in various parts of the country - "have conquered us with violence and no one said a word."

"Why don't the leftists take them home?"

Ben-Gvir spoke at the rally via a loudspeaker, calling out towards the leftist protesters: "if they're so humanitarian, if they care so much about rights, why don't they take them (the infiltrators) to their own homes? ...They're racist, traitors to the state of Israel."

"We came to save, to guard and to protect the residents of this neighborhood here, and we see these leftists, who hate Israel, and tell them 'the people of Israel live!'"

Ben-Ari also took the loudspeaker and noted that the Supreme Court "isn't democracy," in that they are not elected by the public and have three times overruled decisions by the publicly elected Knesset to take action against the illegal immigrants. He then led the protesters in the chant: "the Supreme Court is a dictatorship."

"Who rules this country, the gang of these leftists who stab a knife into the back of the state, or poor residents of this neighborhood?"

Later the former MK noted "I was born in this neighborhood, I was raised here. These northeners (i.e. from north Tel Aviv - ed.) don't know the suffering, let them take the infiltrators home and then we'll see them talk."

He noted on the time when he and Ben-Gvir bused illegal immigrants to the ritzy Gordon Beach in northern Tel Aviv and paid for their entry, and then caught outraged influential leftists on film demanding that the infiltrators be removed.

Later in the protest, Golan called out "we won't continue being the prisoners of the Supreme Court."

Arutz Sheva's exclusive coverage of the protest can be viewed below, in Hebrew.

מפגינים נגד המסתננים

Official statistics in Israel have revealed the infiltrators are job migrants and not refugees as claimed by leftist groups, in an assessment that echoes findings of other countries.

A report issued in late March by the British Home Office determines that defectors from the Eritrean army do not, in fact, face life-threatening danger in Eritrea, and therefore do not deserve refugee status in other countries. Britain has issued new guidelines for dealing with the Eritreans who have flooded that country.

Likewise, detailed research from Denmark revealed Eritrean immigrants do not warrant refugee status by any definition.

credit: אלירן אהרון
credit: אלירן אהרון
credit: אלירן אהרון

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