Islamic Jihad protest for Mohammad Allaan in Gaza (file)
Islamic Jihad protest for Mohammad Allaan in Gaza (file) Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

The Arab Communist party Hadash and other organizations are planning a rally in Haifa on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in support of Mohammad Allaan, the jailed Islamic Jihad terrorist who has been hunger striking for 63 days.

A joint announcement regarding the protest was posted on Facebook by the organizations, stating that the move comes "out of support for Allaan, who is detained in an administrative arrest and has been hunger striking for over 60 days, and due to the continued deterioration of his health situation and the danger to his life, and in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners in the jails of the occupation."

"We call on the public to join the united Haifa Kikar Ha'asir (next to Hadad Hotel) in the Germany Colony of Haifa."

The announcement was concluded with the following slogans: "administrative detention will be cancelled! No force feeding! Freedom for the freedom prisoners!"

"Freedom prisoners" in the Palestinian Arab terminology refers to all security prisoners, in other words all jailed terrorists, who the Arab public has largely been demanding that Israel immediately and unconditionally release.

Some examples of the "freedom prisoners" that Palestinian Arabs are demanding Israel release are Abdullah Barghouti, a Hamas leader convicted of murdering 66 Israelis, as well as other serial murderers, those who coordinated and sent off suicide bombers, and suicide bombers who failed to detonate their explosives.

One leftist activist posted a comment to the Facebook announcement of the protest, in which he wrote: "unfortunately I won't be able to be in Haifa in person. I identify with the non-violent opposition of the Palestinians, and that of Mohammad."

"The Jewish state took from our tradition nationalism and extremism which were almost non-present in our people when we lived among the non-Jews," wrote the leftist. "The Jewish sages tell that three signs to identify a Jew were: 'merciful, humble and doing kind acts.' If these are the signs of identification then our state which is managed by 'security-ism' is not a Jewish state, it's a belligerent state!"

"If only my people and my society would wake up, recognize the injustice we have committed and that we continue to do to our Palestinian sisters and brothers - not cousins, but sisters and brothers," concluded the activist.

The state attorney on Monday responded to Allaan's petition for release to the Supreme Court. In the response, it was noted that the court already rejected a past petition by the jailed terrorist, and that there are no legal defects in the decision to hold Allaan given the classified information about the danger he poses.

Allaan was offered release by the state on condition that he leave Israel for four years, but his attorney rejected that offer.

There have been large protests supporting the hunger striking terrorist on the part of Arab demonstrators, and counter-protests by Jews calling to let the terrorist starve himself if he so chooses or else deport him from Israel.

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