Jeremy Corbyn speaks at a Labour leadership hustings event
Jeremy Corbyn speaks at a Labour leadership hustings event Credit: Reuters

A senior Jewish politician has expressed "serious concern" over the views of Jeremy Corbyn, the controversial front-runner in the race to head the British Labor Party. 

Ivan Lewis, the Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland who has been a Labor MP since 1997, urged his fellow party members not to vote for Corbyn. 

“Some of [Corbyn’s] stated political views are a cause for serious concern,” Lewis wrote to them, according to The Guardian. “At the very least he has shown very poor judgment in expressing support for and failing to speak out against people who have engaged not in legitimate criticism of Israeli governments but in antisemitic rhetoric.”

On Thursday it was revealed that the far-left MP, who notoriously called Hamas and Hezbollah his "friends," also has ties to a long list of known Holocaust deniers, anti-Semites and 9-11 conspiracy theorists. 

At a Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) campaign meeting hosted by Corbyn last October, several anti-Israel extremists gathered to listen to keynote speaker and anti-Israel author Max Blumenthal, who regularly compares the Jewish state to Nazi Germany.

“It saddens me to have to say to some on the left of British politics that anti-racism means zero tolerance of antisemitism, no ifs, and no buts. I have said the same about Islamophobia and other forms of racism to a minority of my constituents who make unacceptable statements,” Lewis said.

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