Iranian missile (file)
Iranian missile (file) Reuters

A huge interfaith campaign is uniting the efforts of millions of Christians throughout the US to press Congress to defeat the Iran nuclear deal, warning that the leading state sponsor of terror intends to destroy the US and Israel.

Behind the campaign is the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), which is the world's largest Christian organization supporting Israel and the Jewish people. The group noted Open Doors USA ranks Iran as the world's seventh worst oppressor of Christians.

A warning video ad getting airtime on cable TV and social media is part of the campaign, which plays off the Cold War-era "Daisy" TV ad from the 1964 presidential campaign to sound the alarm regarding Iran's intentions.

In addition to the video, the campaign has sent over two million emails to IFCJ's Christian allies around the US in a call to press Congress against the deal. The call has already been answered with tens of thousands of letters sent to governmental representatives, and petitions signed by many thousands.

"If this agreement is ratified, Americans will – for the first time in a generation – understand what it means to have a credible threat of annihilation looming over the heads of our children and grandchildren, and in that way will understand better than ever the threat that hangs over Israelis every day,” said Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, IFCJ founder and president.

“Both Christians and Jews must unite in order to counter the threat of radical Islam. We need that unity now more than ever to fight off the virulent hatred and violence threatening both our faith communities. A nuclear Iran would be a disaster of catastrophic proportions for the entire free world.” 

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