Reservists (file)
Reservists (file) Flash 90

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers are being called up for service in a surprise emergency exercise that began Monday.

The reservists – from the air, land and sea branches of the IDF, as well as the Home Front Command – began receiving automated messages calling them up to service, starting at 8:00 AM.

Most of the soldiers were only required to acknowledge the call, but thousands will have to don their uniforms and show up at enlistment points, to rehearse emergency scenarios.

A senior officer said that the Air Force will be rehearsing for the neutralization of various attacks and that the Navy will train for protecting national infrastructures, among other things.

The officer added that this will be the first time in which the IDF rehearses cyber-defense on such a large scale.

Southern Command will practice several scenarios, including rocket fire from Gaza.

Northern Command will also rehearse a war scenario, in unspecified locations.

The exercise will continue until Wednesday, and an unusually high volume of security vehicle traffic will be noticeable on Israel's roads.

Also on Monday, the Home Front Command will be holding rescue drills at sites simulating wartime destruction in Holon and Neurim.

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