Shooting (illustration)
Shooting (illustration) Thinkstock

A 24-year-old haredi Jew was shot by robbers on Thursday while leaving a bank on Reforma Street in Mexico City.

The youth was moderately wounded by the thieves, who shot him as he tried to flee from them.

Danny and Mordechai Malakh, cousins of the wounded man, described the incident, saying that "after Yitzhak Shaul left the bank and started driving, there was an attempt to rob him."

"Yitzhak Shaul gave the robbers personal belongings that he had on him, including a watch and cell phone, and told the robbers that his money was in a bag in the trunk - so as to buy time," said the cousins.

"The moment he could flee he did so, and as a result the robbers started to shoot at him. He was wounded in his left lung by a bullet that pierced his back."

The two reported that due to the wound, the victim lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a wall.

"In a check at the hospital it was found that the bullet passed next to his spinal column - this was a true miracle. We wish him a speedy recovery," said the cousins.

The victim underwent surgery and his condition stabilized, although doctors were worried about removing the bullet from his lung for fear of causing further damage.

Arutz Sheva has learned that the victim's family in Israel were updated immediately about the incident.