Nazareth Israel news photo: Flash 90

A Christian soldier who claimed on Sunday that he had been attacked while wearing an IDF uniform in Nazareth said Monday that he had made up the whole story, but an attorney assigned to him by the IDF is now suggesting otherwise.

The lawyer, Eyal Paltek, told the 0404 Hebrew-language news website late on Monday that the soldier was indeed attacked by Muslims but changed his mind about complaining about it because he was threatened and told not to complain about the assault.

"It is a disgrace that the Nazareth police cannot investigate the complaint seriously. The soldier could not possibly have injured himself that way,” the attorney said. “The soldier is dead scared - his father told him, ‘If you give information - do not come home.’”

Paltek said he has “all the information and this soldier was attacked yesterday by Muslims.”

The Forum for the Induction of Christians in the IDF backed Paltek’s comments, telling the Walla! Hebrew-language news website that they too believe the soldier really was assaulted.

“There is no way that he made up the attack. The marks on the body, as can be seen, refute that,” said the Forum, adding, “He is probably frightened and being by intimidated his attackers.”

Police said earlier Monday that the soldier made admitted he made up the story while under questioning by the police, who said that they had suspected that something was amiss in the story.

The story had generated angry reactions in many sectors of Israeli society. The soldier will now be charged with filing a false police report, obstruction of justice, and other charges.