Murdered in cold blood: Danny Gonen
Murdered in cold blood: Danny Gonen Courtesy of the family

The IDF and Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet) moved away Tuesday from the “lone terrorist” explanation that they used for a recent spate of terror attacks, and admitted that a terror cell appears to be at large in the Binyamin region north of Jerusalem.

Sources in the Israeli security establishment said that according to information in their possession, and following an initial inquiry, it can be determined that there was more than one terrorist involved in Monday night's shooting near Shvut Rachel, and that there certainly may be a terror cell at large in the region.

The sources said that the cell may have been responsible for the gunfire at an ambulance Saturday evening, and that it fired at a civilian vehicle before shooting at the ambulance.

The cell may also be connected to the murder of Danny Gonen, near Dolev, 11 days ago.

IDF Judea and Samaria Division Commander, Tamir Yadai, held several discussions Monday on the matter, and the conclusion is that these are not “lone terrorists” but a phenomenon that is “gathering steam.”

The security establishment noted that more than 25 bullets were fired at the vehicle – indicating that there were several terrorists involved, and that they switched cars and escaped into one of the local villages.

The security establishment sources added that Tuesday is the anniversary of the murder Mohammed Abu Khder and that there are alerts regarding possible revenge terror attacks.