"United with Israel," billed as the Global Movement for Israel, has released a video it calls "horrifying beyond belief," entitled, "Here's What Happens if the Iran Deal Goes Bad."

The timing of the release is chilling, as reports begin arriving that the United States has agreed to the Iranian demand that its nuclear installations not be made to stand to periodic Western inspections. Iran, for its part, is to agree that more of its previous military plans be made public. In effect, the West is agreeing to be allowed to learn more about Iran's past intentions and less about the progress of its present and future plans.

The video now released by United with Israel tracks, via "breaking news reports," the disintegration of the Middle East – featuring a nuclear attack on Saudi Arabia – followed by the breakdown of American society. The scenario as scripted in the video begins with Iranian violations of the deal, its announcement that it has achieved nuclear military capabilities, and its blocking of Saudi oil lanes. The Saudis respond by bombing Iranian oil fields, followed by an Iranian nuclear strike against Riyadh. The nuclear fallout leads to the poisoning of air and water, as well as riots in all Arab countries, and a casualty count in the millions. Iran threatens to unleash 10,000 suicide bombers against the United States, where a financial crisis and panic erupts; the Dow drops 7,000 points. The U.S. moves to martial law – and the video ends with scenes of panic and uncertainty.

United with Israel has released the video, together with a plea that "you absolutely must take a glimpse at the world with a nuclear Iran."

"Join us in praying that what you have just seen will never actually happen," the organization concludes. "But that's not enough. We must do everything in our power to stop a nuclear Iran. Yes, Israel needs your help. But so does the entire free world. Contact your elected officials today!"