John Bolton, former United States Ambassador to the UN, told Arutz Sheva that the UN report which accused Israel of committing “war crimes” during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza was “completely predictable”.

“The UN Human Rights Council is no different from its predecessor, the Human Rights Commission,” he said on the sidelines of an evening in honor of Ateret Cohanim.

The Human Rights Council, Bolton pointed out “has spent the overwhelming bulk of its time criticizing Israel, even after the Obama administration had the United States join the Council, it’s had no impact. All of that was predictable as well.”

When the UN decides to investigate a conflict in which Israel was involved, “you can write the report in advance,” he said. “This is a circumstance that happens again and again and again, and this is just one more example.”

The report ignores all the steps Israel took to target only military objectives and to protect civilian population.

“The cause of the damage that did take place was the result of the Hamas strategy to conceal its military activities in civilian locales and using civilians as shields,” Bolton added. “There’s simply no other explanation that this is another example of the pervasive UN bias against Israel.”

Asked about President Barack Obama’s stance towards peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA), the former ambassador said that Obama feels that it is his responsibility to create a Palestinian state, but said the president “misunderstands history.”

“I think his ideology blinds him to the reality. I think it is, in many respects, a European, third world, social ideology, in which the Palestinians are the victims and he doesn’t see that, in fact, they’ve been misused by others in the region. He’s looking at the region from the wrong end of the telescope,” said Bolton.