President Reuven Rivlin made a condolence visit Monday evening to the family of Danny Gonen, the 25-year-old hiker murdered in a terror attack in Binyamin on Friday. 

The President warmly embraced members of the Gonen family and expressed his deep sorrow for their loss. 

Echoing her remarks from Danny's funeral, Danny's mother Devorah Gonen told Rivlin of her son's love for the land of Israel and how he enjoyed traveling all over the country. 

“Danny was a kind man, with a good heart. Our loss is unbearably heavy,” she told the President. 

Rotem Gonen, Danny's sister, explained to the President that Danny, as the eldest child, had taken on the role of a father figure for her and the other siblings after their father had passed away. 

Visibly moved, Rivlin said, “I am sure that the security forces will find the murderer, and will bring them to justice.”

Gonen was gunned down by a Palestinian terrorist on Friday afternoon as he and a friend, Netanel Hadad, were finishing a hike to Ein Buvin spring near Dolev. 

 “You are a special family, strong spirited and with tremendous strength.  There is no comfort in the face of such horror, in the face of all you are forced to deal with," Rivlin told the Gonen family after hearing Hadad's account of the attack. 

The President was also moved to hear the stories of the individuals who received Danny's organs: “Many will carry in their hearts Danny’s very special spirit, and the donation of his organs is another example of what a kind man he was, even after he was taken from us.”