Ambassador Ron Prosor
Ambassador Ron ProsorReuters

In the wake of Friday's murderous terrorist attack in Samaria, Israel’s UN Ambassador Ron Prosor fired off a scalding letter to the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, and the UN Security Council, urging that the UN abandon its “so-called balanced response that is calling on both sides to show restraint. Only one side is responsible for this heinous murder,” he added, and that is the Palestinian side.

The ambassador recounted the details of the murder near Dolev: “on the eve of Shabbat, a Palestinian man shot two 25-year-old Israeli civilians at close range, killing one of them. The terrorist attracted the attention of his victims by asking for their assistance. When they approached to help him, the terrorist pulled a gun out of his bag and shot the two in cold blood. This terrorist took advantage of the compassion of these young men to commit this heinous crime.”

Amb. Prosor then explained that the Palestinian terror-murder of Israelis is not part of a no-fault “cycle of violence” but rather, “These violent acts are ignited by the constant incitement by the Palestinian leadership. Instead of leading their people towards peace, these leaders are leading the whole area into instability.”

Further, Amb. Prosor related that while, “During this period of Ramadan, Israel has taken steps to reduce tensions, removing restrictions in order to allow Palestinians to celebrate, and enjoy maximum freedom of movement for the holiday prayers,” the international community had a special obligation to “insist that the Palestinians prevent violence, and refrain from inciting emotions during this sensitive period.”

Given the United Nations’ recent deplorable record of extreme anti-Israel bias, Amb. Prosor’s “call on the Secretary General and the Security Council to condemn this act of terror unequivocally” will be ignored, and unheeded. Unfortunately, at the UN, Amb. Prosor appears to be fighting an uphill against an impossibly large force that appears intent on harming Israel’s very right to exist.