Hanging gays? Not a problem!
Hanging gays? Not a problem! Reuters

The anti-Israel Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has been the focus of fierce debate over its calls to boycott the State of Israel.

Its critics claim it is motivated by pure anti-Semitism - noting that only the Jewish state faces such a campaign, and not serial human rights violators such as Iran, North Korea, Sudan and others. BDS supporters, on the other hand, claim they are motivated by concern for human rights, and that the singling out of the world's only Jewish country is a mere coincidence.

So, who's right?

To find out, Jewish activist Ami Horowitz decided to approach pro-BDS businesses in the Republic of Ireland - a hub of anti-Israel boycott activities - as a salesman from some of the aforementioned regimes to test just how concerned about human rights they really are.

It's not the first time Horowitz has exposed the frankly laughable double-standards of anti-Zionists.

Last year he visited the University of California at Berkeley to find out whether students found an ISIS flag more or less "offensive" than an Israeli one.

The results were just as "surprising."