Trucks with food supplies enter Gaza through
Trucks with food supplies enter Gaza through Flash 90

Israel is to reopen border crossings to and from Gaza on Monday, an IDF spokeswoman told AFP Sunday night.

"I can confirm that they are opening," the spokeswoman said.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon ordered to close the Kerem Shalom and Erez crossings late Saturday night, hours after Gaza terrorists fired a rocket which hit an open area in Ashkelon.

Israeli warplanes struck Gaza early Sunday in retaliation for the rocket fire, which was claimed by an Islamic extremist group which is locked in a power struggle with Hamas, the de facto power in the strip.

Israel has several times closed the border crossings into Gaza following rocket fire, only to reopen them due to international criticism.

In addition, Israel has regularly sent shipments of food, water, and sometimes building materials into Gaza to deflect this international criticism.

In April, it sent 14,000 tons of construction material into the Hamas-run enclave, days after reports surfaced that the group was actively rebuilding terror tunnels into the Gaza Belt region. The shipment was the single largest since the end of Operation Protective Edge in Gaza last August. 

Last week, a Qatari official revealed that Israel is freely allowing Qatar to send materials to Hamas through the border crossings, despite the obvious security risks and Qatar's open sheltering of Hamas leaders.