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Islamic State (ISIS) has carried out its threats to invade Rome, according to photos making the rounds on social media.

In the photos, one or more people are seen taking a form of 'selfie' involving Italian landmarks and Islamic texts, along with the phrase "Islamic state in Rome." 

It is impossible to verify whether the photos are from an actual ISIS supporter or a highly sophisticated internet troll, but the messages have still registered on the radar of anti-terror group SITE. 

Most of the photos were posted in April, but they have been brought back to the public eye after a Libyan official told BBC Sunday that ISIS jihadists were actively infiltrating Europe by being smuggled across the Mediterranean Sea as "migrants" or "refugees" seeking asylum. Italy, in particular, insisted as far back as February that ISIS was slowly invading on small boats. 

That same month, an ISIS text gave detailed plans to wannabe jihadists how to utilize "sleeper cells" in Europe to form an army and take over the continent from within, using the pro-Palestinian movement as a front; the text explicitly vowed on the group's behalf to conquer Rome by 2020. 

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